Where to invest in a property in Andalusia?

Marbella, Puerto Banus, climate, sea, gastronomy, golf, yachts, fresh air and a healthy lifestyle, security, glamor, excellent international schools … There are so many reasons to go to the Sunshine Coast! For many, it is simply the desire to be owned by at least a small part of this magical place  either as a “garden”, investment, source of income from the rental of real estate, or the future of the family home.

Buying a property on the Costa del Sol is certainly one of the issues most concerned

Thousands of buying and selling real estate agents and companies continue to actively promoting the sector, assuring potential buyers from all over Europe that despite the currency crisis, is now awaited the maximum return on investment operations time. In 2015, 40% of sales came from foreign buyers Costa del Sol and Marbella

In the region of Andalusia, which are located in the territory of the Costa del Sol, prices are rising for the past year and currently represent one of the most privelekatelnyh regions of Spain in terms of investment in real estate. Economists specially assigned “stability” and a gradual increase in prices.

Although demand is growing every day objects, to date, there are very interesting and attractive offers yet both banks and directly from owners and agencies. Is expected in late 2015 – early 2016, the presence of such proposals will be reduced to a minimum.

Port Banús in Marbella

Port Banús in Marbella

In the general area of Andalusia

Investment, tourism and short-term rental property: Andalucia 2015 broke all previous records for Tourism. According to business executives specializing in rented accommodation in the short term on the Costa del Sol, this year the demand for houses for the summer season 2015 has reached unsurpassed figures, which in some cases even not met. Therefore, buying coasted successful residential property, can become not only a good investment, but also a solid source of income of the lease short term.

Spanish banks are more sympathetic to the needs of a mortgage loan, including foreigners. Indeed, the excess financing and capitalization of banks by financial institutions and central funds, since last year, many of them have a special commitment to increase the volume of loans granted by them.

These include the eastern part of Marbella, the “Golden Mile” and Estepona, as well as the fact that one of the most popular features to find housing for buyers and Russian tourists, is a view of the sea and a large kitchen and living room.

The Costa del Sol, ideal for buying a property region

Real estate on the Costa del Sol is still interesting? literally called “Costa del Sol”, the Costa del Sol remains one of the most popular for visitors to Spain areas. Find out why your strengths, it is an ideal place to buy a property.
The sky, the sun and the sea. Bordered by the Mediterranean, the Costa del Sol stretches over 160 kilometers in the province of Malaga, Andalucia. Nerja in Estepona, 140 sandy beaches dot the coastline: sometimes colorful and vivid, sometimes sheltered from tourists, turning a quiet cove. marinas complete the image of beauty. The information you need to know about the property market in Marbella

The Costa del Sol enjoys a subtropical climate and guaranteed sunshine more than 330 days a year. Nature is lush and varied, especially in the natural parks of the region. “We will do everything, everything, everything in Torremolinos”

Costa del Sol beach

Costa del Sol beach

Since the 50s, the Costa del Sol has become elected tourists. Some coastal cities have grown dramatically: Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella or Nerja. Far from cliché of humor that we know, the region has developed a high level tourism offering appeal to visitors from around the world.
Walking through the old town of Marbella, explore the typical villages of Andalusia, laze on the beaches and have a sangria on a picnic … it is clear: impossible to get bored! As for golf lovers find their happiness about 70 courses open all year. Second also offers several villas for sale on the Costa del Sol, near golf courses.

Real Estate in the Costa del Sol

Quickly pay for the purchase of real estate. From the Spanish real estate crisis in 2007, buying a house or apartment on the Costa del Sol it is very profitable.
If you choose to live in a part or the whole year you for the cost of living substantially lower than in Belgium you will be surprised. The budget to spend on transportation is also limited, thanks to low cost flights to Malaga airport.
If you want to rent your property on the Costa del Sol, the return on investment will be even faster because of the tourist attraction in the region. One more thing to consider: more and more people invest in real estate on the Costa del Sol.
The bursting of the bubble has left Spain with 1.7 million unsold flats and 3.4 million empty homes in the arm. The Spanish property market has suffered a fall that nobody is able to predict the end. Contact us for a free Ignacio Acosta Sorge

“Throughout 2007, we have not made a single sale,” recalls Tom Van Camp, real estate agent in Mijas.
“Since 2008, prices fell 25%. Given the cost of living, this equates to an average drop of 32%,” says Alfonso Calderon. With an average drop of 43%, the fall was even more dramatic in Andalusia, said Maria Monastery, real estates Aguirre Newman in Malaga. According to her, the houses are selling an average of $ 1,800 per square meter against more than $ 4,000 before the crisis.
And banks, which sell the houses seized from owners who can not pay their mortgages, became the largest real estate brokers in the country. Spain bottomed out? Is not safe.
“When going to stop this fall? That’s the big question. Analysts say that the slope is not as steep. However, there is still a large stock of unsold homes, buildings of 20 floors unoccupied three-quarters,” says Alfons Calderon. The future is shaped like a big question.

Properties in Andalusia

Properties in Andalusia

Buying properties on the Costa del Sol

2014 shows positive figures in Costa del Sol properties. Recent statistics show that the properties Costa del Sol market is now definitely more stable – some market segments can even say pricewise move back in the right direction.
In other words, small increases in certain properties on the Costa del Sol, although this is not the general trend in the sale of properties in the Costa del Sol, (yet).
But where to begin your search for the best investment in property on the Costa del Sol

They have market properties for sale on the Costa del Sol turned in the right direction?
The market for properties for sale Costa del Sol Property for sale Costa del Sol is such that there is a wide range of properties for sale with discounts on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, ie the area of Malaga, Andalusia. As a result of the financial crisis, now is a good time to make an exchange with buying properties on the Costa del Sol. Transactions in 2013 were higher than the previous year, which ends at 5 years of decline. Marbella is the city of Spain or transaction have increased more in 2013

The average selling price per square meter of Marbella is almost stable for 2 quarters. Knowing that Marbella was the first of a city fall. In the 3rd quarter of 2013, the purchase of nine accounted for only 7% of transactions, which is a sign of a clean market. For the first time in many years, developers are putting new programs.
60 million tourists visit Spain each year support the seasonal rental market Foreign investors account for 11% of buyers.
The French come second behind the British and the Russians before and represent 10% of foreign buyers. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, GeogesSoros, Carlos Slim, four of the biggest financial investors and the planet come to invest in Spanish real estate construction companies are subsidiaries of major Spanish bank.

Home sales Costa del Sol

Although Spanish banks are making every effort to settle their large inventory of homes for sale Costa del Sol, there is still a long way before the Spanish property market will recover completely.
And even though the Scandinavian and over the past two years has been responsible for a portion of total trading, is the increase in the total number of sales financed with currency in the Nordic countries, far from enough to change opinion in large numbers and in huge amounts of properties on the Costa del Sol as many individuals, speculators and investors, not least, banks have properties for sale.
How to buy the apartment of your dreams in Spain?
All this is reflected. You decided to buy your little paradise: an apartment in Spain. But where to start? Take care of yourself? Be with someone? Discover the benefits of simpler and safer to find the apartment of your dreams in Spain according to this publication on the website telegraph.co.uk

Human contact
“A real cooperation” is the basis of our philosophy. To find the property of your dreams, you get to know better. For an individual appointment, we are studying exactly your desires and your budget. Below is a stay of discovery in the Spanish sun. We take care of everything, and we discovered the properties selected for you.

Property sale sign

Property sale sign

Specialized experts

Once your chosen corner of paradise, we must also take care of all the paperwork. But what are the steps to buy the apartment of your dreams in Spain?

Armed with a great experience and a perfect market knowledge, our specialists are there to guide you. I support you from A to Z:
Step 1: Buy your Foreigner Identification Number with the competent authorities
Step 2: Document control for good in the local land registry
Step 3: Financing the purchase of the property through a Belgian bank or Spanish
Step 4: Open a bank account in Spain for the payment of various bills
Step 5: Signing of the sales agreement
Step 6: Signing the deed notarized
These administrative steps are, of course, identical if a villa, a house or an apartment. More information in our previous article about buying a property in Spain.

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