What are the steps to see analyze how the real estate market behaves?

Real estate in Spain

The real estate market in 2016, and outside luxury real estate in Spain and Mallorca. The real estate trends in price deflation. After the great housing crisis in 2009, the real estate situation in 2016 has subsided. However, property prices are found in almost all regions of Spain continues to decline. The events of 2008-2016 and what to pay attention as buyers or sellers of real estate.
According to the Ministry of Public Works, the prices of apartments consecutive rise since 6 quarter (3 months). 600,000 apartments in Spain are shared apartments (shared housing). For the Fallen in Spain wages, it has become more difficult for many Spaniards to buy an apartment.

Property in Marbella

Property in Marbella

The numbers dropped last year in the real estate market

Around Spanish investors expect for 2015 a slight increase in property prices. Many Spaniards speak only of optimism in the sector. In retrospect, the prices of new apartments in 2014 were reduced by 2% on average. The property prices has been used (price of used housing) has decreased by 5% in 2014. The overall market has grown in 2014 compared to 2013 by 25%. Rents are likely to fall in 2015 by 3-5%. Panda Estates is a real estate agency specializing in the autonomous region of the Costa del Sol where you can see the best properties available in the market.
The real estate market a little better again after the fall of recent years. However, there is a clear regional separation: In particular, companies with high quality real estate in a good location with price supports. We recommend that you read our article based on the reasons to invest in the growing real estate market Andalusian.
Countries that invest heavily in real estate in Spain. Under the Spanish daily growth compared to last year about 28%. 50% in Spain and the IMF assumes that property prices have bottomed out and draw again. According to Eurostat, real estate prices dropped in 2013 by 1.6% more, but with less intensity than in previous years.
The fall in consumer prices, deflation and a downward spiral of prices. At the same time, international conflict over Crimea. Moreover, the violent demonstrations in the capital, Madrid. The Spanish real estate sector fears that investors who rely on a recovery in the Spanish property market, which can deter.



The entry into force of foreign investors

The real estate market is brightening a little. 2014 could turn the tide. However, only if the global economy and the Basque and Catalan separatists in the Spanish economy put no obstacles in the way. Foreign investors as the Russians and Chinese, as well as major international companies, investors interested in luxury properties in the Costa Blanca and interesting urban real estate in the cities of Madrid or Barcelona. It might be the right time. The declining prices and loss of value, however, continue in 2014 and 2015 for the remaining properties. Households will not be able to invest. Debt is too high.
Now offer daily news judgments about the Spanish property market. Our monitoring market supply has emerged from the needs of many market participants. This offer is chargeable. We will update this page regularly yet.

What kind of property is the preference of many Spanish?

The demand for micro apartments seems to be a market growth in Spain. Ideal for business people, students or employees on time, these rental properties are located within universities, airports and train stations. Micro apartments offer according to national and international newspapers, in the cities of Madrid and Valencia, for investors new opportunities according to our real estate adviser Ignacio Acosta Sorge
Pensioners living in Spain should consider their will. The new EU regulation governing the inheritance national law of inheritance applies and will apply from 17 August 2015. The inheritance law of the EU (number 650/2012) will handle only the court and only the law the State in which the deceased “habitual residence” had. Therefore, with a move to Spain, the minimum participation in the farm (reserved portion) are omitted.

Statistics provided by the National Statistics Institute (INE)

Spain’s government intends to pressure the economic crisis to change the law, which prohibits construction activities during past 30 years in state forest lands. Environmentalists fear an increase in arson. Meanwhile, the fall in rents in the cities of Spain.
According to the National Statistics Institute (INE) has increased slightly in 2015 the sale of apartments in Spain in the last 3 months. There was a reason was the reduced rate increased from 4% to 10% for the Spanish Parliament in 2014 decided (VAT increase in 2013). An increase is also confirmed by notaries. However, it seems that VAT, to a lesser extent the increase had expected. The increase is probably due to the sale of second-hand properties.
An increase in the purchase of goods of new construction is expected by the reduced rate increased 4 percent to 10 percent in early 2013. Who buys until 31.12.2012 can save comparatively and theoretically up to 6% ? Since real estate prices in Spain must, however, continue to fall to buy it should not be rushed.

State properties during and after the crisis in the country property

Since the real estate bubble burst in 2008, house prices have fallen by 25% – reported the newspapers of Spain. The strongest fall of democracy in Spain, the National Statistics Office.
Rising prices and falling wages. One of the consequences is the eviction and expropriation of houses. After several owners chose to commit suicide before eviction and by numerous protests across Spain Policy rowing and financial institutions and banks. The dramatic increase in number of forced evictions should be restricted.
Approved amendments to the Coastal Protection Act. Existing within the protection zone buildings they should not be demolished in the next 75 years. Furthermore, the coast is protected from excessive crops. Differences between legal and illegal buildings just made. The building can be renovated and sold. The changes that are beyond renewal are not allowed.
Abandoned properties with abandoned animals and wild rampant bushes. This is what remained of the housing boom in the areas of Spanish development. Expropriated apartments, now the ruins remain vacant, are inhabited by the increasingly socially homeless people and animals. lonely ghost towns, illegally searching their victims in poor crisis shelter.
In the inner cities of Spain more and more homes are protected with a validity This is to prevent debris from falling onto the road. It is not uncommon hanging two to three signs at the entrances of the houses with the Note for sale or for rent. That from the second to fifth floor looks in the front row of houses, it looks dirty and dusty, empty interior windows. Unusual for a tenant appears.
Even more rare the lease is carried out. An image that will probably change to 2 -3 years is difficult. Traces of the crisis are very clear. Prices and the value of these properties are in 2013 continue to fall.

The numbers get better every year, however caution should be exercised

The growing interest in real estate in Spain. However, only the interest and not the desire to purchase. Prices stabilizing properties would be the state of the economy and unemployment in the country would be more enjoyable. In the market of luxury properties rely increasingly stronger financially great player. For these objects, the real estate crisis and it is limited. Discover where are the luxurious properties in Marbella
The properties were favorable in Spain in the year 2011th For 2012, it is expected to continue to fall in property prices. This forecast gives almost every newspaper in Spain. Prices of luxury properties with high quality in the Balearic Islands pull back slowly.
This is not true for the many apartments  according to the Spanish government to 700,000 households are now offered by banks in Spain at a bargain price. Therefore, the Iberian Peninsula remains in the grip of the financial and economic crisis. The reason is that many debtors property simply returns the banks and this property unsaleable part must be sold well below the original price now.
The Spanish itself is poor due to the high unemployment rate in purchasing power. Property prices are falling with great certainty and with rising interest rates, as many Spaniards have financed their loans with variable property. The ‘offers’ low in the Spanish property market are not a reason for a hasty property purchase.

Luxury homes in Spain

Luxury homes in Spain

What are the steps to wait how the real estate market is shared?

The Spanish real estate crisis is far from over and is worse than supposed Borja Mateo writes in his book “The Truth About the Spanish property market.” The book well documented clearly that housing prices are likely to drop by 2014. Required reading for all owners or buyers.
The number of properties that have been sold in Spain foreigners fell sharply in the year 2010. One of the reasons is a current negative reporting on the economic situation in Spain. Especially in the English press it is dominated by the negative tone. Other reasons are also in cases of corruption, speculation, such as in Marbella and the euro crisis in general.
Investors continue to expect falling prices. 7 to 15 percent are possible. 30 to 35 percent is partially speech. The end of May is the savings bank CajaSur gone to their knees because of bad real estate loans and had to be assumed by the Bank of Spain. Moreover, the supply of apartments in Spain is too big. The Coastal Act now applies and therefore demolish the new homes that are less than 100 meters from the beach. Also on the island of Mallorca, it is expected to fall in property prices. On the contrary, a good system of values can be in real estate and economic debt crisis.
When the INE announced that Spain had experienced a drop in property sales in the year 2009. The number of properties sold compared to 2008 it decreased by 24.9 percent. The collapse of existing properties should have been even more spectacular with 29.1 percent. The number of new homes fell 20.6 percent. At present, the current real estate market in Spain is characterized by vacant and bankruptcy. The collapse of the construction cost 1.2 million jobs last year. The golden era of real estate is over for now It is according to the publication by the web portal worldpropertyjournal.com

Normally, poor stock market and business news for many property owners in Spain are ideal. With the threat of rising inflation and uncertain economic times, the desire to invest in real estate increases. Usually, this pushes the price of property for improvement. This trend is evident, but only for high-quality properties in good condition and in prime locations. The rest and that is the vast majority of condominiums and continues to lose value. The reason, the real income of Spanish tenants melt and thus also potential rental income for owners. Sale condominiums and apartment buildings are plentiful. Property of high demand, such as real estate in the city center are limited and due to increased demand, hardly affordable.

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