The capital of luxury in Costa del Sol: Sotogrande

Golf in Sotogrande

This is define as one of the most important urbanizations in all Europe


In the 60 Joseph McMicking had the brilliant idea of building a housing development of luxury in southern Spain, Sotogrande. The next thing was to find who wanted to point in this adventure, which was neither Andalusian nor American nor the classic summer; even  did not had a good beach.

In the Cadiz town of San Roque, along the Strait of Gibraltar and less than 20 minutes from the Costa del Sol, it is Sotogrande. Founded in 1962, it is one of the most prestigious residential developments in Europe. Its inhabitants, generally of a high purchasing power, can enjoy an environment of great privacy and security, the best services: restaurants and luxury hotels, modern and numerous sports facilities to practice polo, golf, tennis, paddle, horse riding ; spectacular houses, a wide range that make it a unique place, says Ignacio Acosta.


The most exclusive properties are here

The great fortunes are looking for privacy in the developments of Sotogrande, in Cadiz, the perfect place to luxuriate while remaining discreet place. The port  is a quiet and privileged port, available only to a few pockets. Luxury homes over 500 square meters and can reach 3 million euros. In this zone as  in Costa del Sol there is no crisis.

If you are looking to buy a property in Sotogrande, then it is a great opportunity. The properties are available for both purchase and rental purposes. Luxury marina properties and golf homes, penthouses, apartments and villas are available at reasonable prices. If you are a nature lover, then you can buy cottages located in the serene and tranquil nature lap. The houses are built in traditional and modern designs. It also has the option to buy a plot of land to build a house to your taste. The houses are close to private schools, banks, hospitals, bars, cafes, restaurants, beaches and other amenities of life.

Properties with private port

Properties with private port

We must begin by explaining that this urban complex is divided into two main areas: Sotogrande Alto and La Reserva, these in turn are subdivided into C, D, E, F, G, Soto Alto and La Reserva areas. The largest investors in the region are foreigners who come from England and Gibraltar.

The factors that influence the prices of the properties are your views, distance to the main services, since high areas are a bit apart, and climate, as in some places is usually drier than others.

Zone C is where the Valderrama Golf Club is located north of Los Cortijos Avenue and adjacent to the highway CN- 340, where prices per square meter can reach up to 4600 euros.

Area D is located opposite the zone C, south of Avenue Los Cortijos, prices per square meter in this part of town are around 3450 euros, although some areas are more privileged than others because of their views, especially towards Northwest where the San Roque Golf Club is located.

The E zone is located in front of the Club de Golf Valderrama, although they have not seen the field due to the tall trees surrounding it. The area affected by the road noise, the price per square meter is around 3600 euros, and the average size of plots is about 3000 square meters.

Zone F, is characterized by small villages where the average size is 1400 square meters per plot, with a cost of 4000 euros per square meter. Most of the buyers are foreigners, most of those who come to spend their retirement in the region.

The G zone is enjoying the best views as it is located at the highest point. The properties that are here are mostly villas of different sizes, but generally runs between 2000 and 3000 square meters the size of the plot. Still remaining 40% of the plots to build, with prices reaching 3,800 euros per square meter.


New Developments up to come

Create a new Zagaleta in Sotogrande. A place where fortunes can enjoy the privacy, security and exclusivity of the best properties in Costa del Sol on holiday. This is the goal pursued by the owners of La Zagaleta to win the Valderrama Group for 40 million euros. It aims to clone the estate of 900 hectares, and all its amenities and services, investing in real estate development of 200 million euros. In total 240 million to create a closed enclosure in which only the most favored pockets of the planet have access.

“This transaction strengthens our leadership position in the luxury real estate market and great links us to one of the brands most prestigious courses in the world”, as quoted by Jacobo Cestino, CEO of La Zagaleta. In the next ten years include the development of a residential super luxury golf course ‘Championship’ designed by one of the most prestigious and renowned architects, which lies within the framework of the current Golf Valderrama and complements the tourist and hotel resort comparable with what has been achieved in La Zagaleta.

Meanwhile, representatives of La Zagaleta Limited have previously informed the Directors of Real Club de Golf Valderrama acquisition group and they have transmitted the will and desire to work together to facilitate preservation, privacy and exclusivity. Field management will be independent of all that is developed, as explained from the Zagaleta, as it has become one of golf clubs benchmark in Europe, reaching host the 1997 Ryder Cup.

From the investor group, new business paths open. “The company does not rule out the medium-term acquisition related other luxury and Lifestyle brands,” said Jacobo Cestino, who is the executive arm of the council running the most exclusive, private and secure urbanization of Europe.



Sports in the region

His Santa María Polo Club is one of the two best centers in Europe for practicing this sport. With eleven fields and an important Polo school, it big international tournaments are held.

Of the various golf courses that houses this luxury development include the Valderrama. Designed by famed golfer Robert Trent Jones, it is rated since 1989 as number one on our continent, as rated by Golf World. It hosted for eight years, the most renowned PGA European Tour: the Volvo Master. They have also taken place in this field the Ryder Cup 1997, the only time that has been held outside the United States or the United Kingdom; in addition to the golf world championship 1999, says the golf player and real estate specialist Ignacio Acosta.

Santa Maria Polo Club

Santa Maria Polo Club

The Sotogrande Equestrian Centre, located in the old Cortijo Valderrama, allows the whole family to enjoy riding lessons, competitions and equestrian trails, among other activities and services related to the horse. All this in a natural setting and excellent facilities.

Its marina and yacht club, as well as the wonderful ski tennis and paddle sports complete the offer of the Cadiz urbanization. And for those looking for a place to find the perfect balance between mind and body, nothing beats the Elysium Sotogrande Spa, which offers a wide range of activities and specific treatments to achieve a healthier and more satisfying life.

Thinking of the smaller family, urbanization also has facilities such as Sotogrande Kids Club, the Mini Club Iguana Park or dependent on one of the hotels urbanization. Games, sports tournaments, parties and all kinds of leisure and cultural activities supervised by specialized monitors.

The nearby town of San Roque complete the cultural offer of urbanization with the monthly celebration of conferences, exhibitions of painting and photography and concerts at the Teatro Juan Luis Galiardo and the Municipal Art Gallery. And in San Roque you can visit museums like Taurino, the Ortega Brú or Carteia Museum. The latter shows pieces from the archaeological site of the same name, remains of the city founded by the Phoenicians and first Roman colony in Hispania with forum, theater, baths, walls and necropolis. The site, located near the mouth of the river Guadarranque between San Roque and Algeciras Bay, you can visit every day except Monday and Tuesday.


  • The Real Club de Golf Sotogrande

This golf course was exemplary not only the streets, but because they used a type of Bermuda grass called 419 and was the first to install automated irrigation. In 1965 its clubhouse, designed by Luis Gutierrez Soto, was inaugurated and in 79 the partners acquired the field, becoming his property. What Real came later, in the year 94, by a grant from His Majesty the King Don Juan Carlos, who gave them the privilege.

Renovated this year to celebrate its 50th anniversary, it has been the scene of many tournaments, but what they most enjoy its partners (plus guests and occasional visitors) is of the routes and the (exaggerated) subsequent comments. And in its history has had six presidents: from Alfredo Melian to the present, Felipe Oriol.


  • Valderrama Golf Club

Founded in 1974 and re-founded in 1985, is another classic unreachable area. It was originally one of the farms that were Sotogrande, which was acquired by the grandson of King Tin, Jaime Ortiz Patino. Its purpose was to make the best club in the world to himself and to share it with your friends. The field also charted what Trent Jones, and design, as well as the building and its gardens, was supervised by Patino himself, it became the place of most elite golf world by its small number of partners. Recently, it has been refurbished by the decorator Isabel Pedroso and Victoria Melian.


  • Santa María Polo Club

It is the site, with a capital. The most urgent appointment is marking the 43 International Tournament Land Rover, which takes place from July 26 to August 30 and places Sotogrande and the tennis club veteran (1965). It will meet therefore the best cast of patterns polo world, many regulars of the Forbes lists. Notably the Thai team Leicester City Top Srivaddhannaprabha, whose father is the well-known millionaire owner of a football team of the Premier; or Venezuelan banker Victor Vargas; the king of potassium, American Robert Jornayvaz; Australian magnate James Packer; or Michael Bickford, one of the leading real estate investors in Europe. After games, parties that attract the best leisure night at Santa María Polo Club. Also they mounted every year a summer market and is famous his tent, After Polo, with a bar Veuve Clicquot champagne.

It is the classic beach club where everyone is after morning walks or evening. The facilities occupy two parcels of land. The first is the Beach Club, in first line with swimming pools for adults, children and babies, changing rooms and dining areas. The second plot is for Tennis and Paddle Club, totaling eleven tracks of the highest quality and is led by world champion Ian McDougall. Is famous party partners on August 15, with dinner, musical performances and dance.




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